Let’s be closer friends, shall we?


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Switching things up a bit today over here!

When I first started this blog, I had the intention of writing about fashion and interiors – hence the blog name ha. I was working for a clothing company at the time so I was always surrounded by fashion, which ultimately led to creating more outfit posts while still dabbling in home decor- a longtime passion of mine.

Fast forward to today, and a lot has happened since then – I got married, am currently building a new home with my husband and my interests have expanded (aka I finally have nice china and kitchenware so entertaining is in my near future) which ultimately allows me to touch on broader subjects with you. At the core of the blog content is my readers, so I want to work my hardest to ensure that this site continues to serve you as an inspirational, fun and positive place for us to build a community.

So, let’s be closer friends, shall we? Props if you love the beach and drinking wine as much as I do 😉

In an effort to deliver the best content for you, I’ve decided to do a reader poll. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and super informative in helping me to determine what types of posts you guys really want to see and when. Any and all feedback is welcome and invaluable. Hope you enjoy and thank you in advance for taking time to leave some feedback – it truly means the world. Cheers to becoming closer friends!

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