The Best Woven Bags to Buy Right Now


The Best Basket Bags for Summer


I’m not much of a handbag collector, but lately it seems I’ve been racking up quite the collection of basket bags. Perhaps it’s the inner beach girl in me whose constantly dreaming of warm sunny days spent oceanside. If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you’ve probably noticed my obsession (seen here, here and here)! I recently just added another round basket bag to my collection. I couldn’t resist, it just screams summer! From the classic Ark Bag that keeps selling out to the bright, statement-making totes, there are so many good looking styles to choose from. Totes, cross-body, backpacks, clutches, bucket bags, round bags — the options are endless and I wouldn’t just settle on one style. If there’s one bag you buy right now, make it a basket bag. It will be your go-to summer essential, I promise!